Things To Do

The neighbourhood wows with its unique history, architecture and proudly stands as the first housing estate to be built in Singapore. Amidst this backdrop, the area is alive with chic cafés, foodies hunt and eclectic boutique shops.

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Tips For Tourists/ Travellers
In this current situation, here are some tips to help you when you're in Singapore! 

  • Wearing a mask is highly encouraged but no longer mandatory except in hospitals
  • Do not talk on public transport
  • Wash your hands often and maintain good personal hygiene 
  • Remember to carry around an umbrella (it's the rainy season now)
Should you require any assistance, we're more than willing to help! 
Discover Beautiful Wall Murals
There are many fascinating wall murals around the Tiong Bahru Neighbourhood that depict the life of Singaporeans in the past. Explore the area to get a feel of Singapore's unique history! 
Savour Local Hawker Fare
Visit the Tiong Bahru Market & Food Centre to taste a wide variety of local fare which is bound to leave you spoilt for choice. 

Some of our top picks include Chwee Kueh - steamed rice cakes coupled with preserved radish, Lor Mee - wide yellow noodles topped with thick gravy, as well as Ice Kachang - a dessert made from various ingredients such as red beans and jelly, topped with shaved ice and colourful syrup. 

Visit Cultural Heritage Sites
Tiong Bahru contains many cultural heritage sites such as the Qi Gong Tian Temple, as well as the Tiong Bahru Air Raid Shelter. Visit these places to learn more about the rich history of Singapore, and the life of Singaporeans during the Japanese Occupation. 
Relax at Neighbourhood Cafes
Cafes around the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood range from traditional, to quaint, to hipster. Their cafe designs are all unique in their own right, and are bound to have you snapping away on your phone or camera. 

With all types of food to be found, you can also be sure to find food that fits your palate perfectly. The cafes are also ideal spots to relax at after exploring the rich and vibrant neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru. 

360 Tour of Surroundings
Explore our hotel's surroundings with plenty of good food and heritage around!